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About Us

Our award winning pet and home sitting service, was established in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire during the summer of 1998, after its founders, Nina and Doug Cole, recovered from serious illness. We are a family run business, which provides a complete pet care package, that is tailored to suit individual needs. We currently cover the South of England and have an ongoing association with veterinary practices and animal charities, which I hope, speaks loudly of our reputation and commitment to our work. Nina often appears in the media with regard to animal welfare issues and is passionate about her work.


Our self employed pet sitters, are known for their friendly approach, professionalism, and discretion. They are adept in creating a safe atmosphere for your pets, and are eager to help however diverse your requirements.

By using a professional pet sitting service, you will not need to impose on busy family, friends or neighbours, who may not make your instructions their priority. Animals thrive on routine and familiarity, and can find boarding extremely stressful. Your pets will also avoid being subjected to excess vaccinations, as required by kennels and catteries, and the trauma of being transported to an establishment which is unfamiliar.

As family members, your animals will continue to enjoy their usual routine and eating habits, whilst being offered loving reassurance pending their owners return.

Our pet sitters are all mature professionals, who undergo a rigorous vetting system. They must also provide a police background check, and professional references. It is crucial to the continued success of our business that we uphold our excellent reputation, hence our thorough selection process.

Our Sitters, are all non smokers, with public liability insurance and are all members of PSI(Pet Sitters International). Each pet sitter has a police background check, with excellent references which are available upon request. They do NOT Travel in marked cars or wear uniforms so as to avoid criminal interest.