Christmas Hope For Unwanted Pets

Luika says cheese

As our last few bookings our confirmed and with Christmas almost upon on us, my thoughts at this time of the year, inevitably turn to those poor homeless pets who languishing in rescue shelters. No crackling fire to warm themselves upon, no hearty dinner or long Christmas walks. Just a cold empty kennel and maybe the odd glimpse of a Christmas tree, if their kennel, pod or cage happens to be situated by the reception area.

I watch with amusement as Melody and Edna paw at the brightly colour baubles that adorn our tree, and cannot stifle a giggle, as Luika tries in his own clumsy way to gate crash their game. In fact, that’s just what he did the other day and the tree quite literally crashed to the floor, tinsel and all! I rather think that he frightened himself the most, since the next few hours saw him eyeing the tree with suspicion rather than the source of his amusement.

Last Christmas our two cats enjoyed the festive period at the RSPCA shelter in Aylesbury. We had chosen them a week before and although we understood the policy of not allowing animals to be re homed over Christmas, we were extremely saddened to think of our two scamps sharing a small pod together, when they could be in the comfort of our warm home.

As Luika nuzzles my arm again in pursuit of another throw my Kong game, I decide that this year, all of our unwanted presents to be sold, with the proceeds going to a local animal charity. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful if all animal lovers followed our lead. If we all raised just £5.00 each, it would help rescue centres all over the country to buy a few extra cats of food, another box of biscuits, or even a few toys to keep their inmates busy until they too, can find their forever home for next Christmas.