Introducing Harry

Losing our beloved Melody had a drastic impact on our lives and has been as painful as losing a human family member. Melody was unique. She was stubborn and naughty, with selective hearing, and just a tiny bit dim! Well, at least that was what she wanted us to believe! When we adopted her, along with her sister Edna (Ed for short), we had no idea of the impact she would have on our lives.

Within days of her arrival, she had fallen into our kitchen bin three times, within weeks made a hole in our brand new bed but within minutes she had quite literally stolen our hearts. So the shock of losing her to kidney failure was immeasurable. She died in Doug’s arms and in buried in our garden, where we have placed a Dahlia in her name.

Harry our new kitten

Both Ed and Luika our German Shepherd Dog, with whom she tormented mercilessly, missed her terribly and despite taking comfort from each other, Luika is still a little boisterous to share the games Ed and melody enjoyed and a few weeks ago, we began our search for another cat.

Melody will always be irreplaceable, but Doug in particular was desperate for another little long haired female, but having Luika and Melody we felt that a kitten would fit into our family just right and so our search began.

We visited numerous rescue shelters, yet the kittens we saw were either the wrong sex, reserved, or short haired. Just when we thought to give up, I took a call from a local veterinary surgery to say that a gentleman had just left the details of a litter of kittens, one of whom was long haired, black and white, male who looked adorable. Of course I made contact straight away and a visit was arranged for that very evening.

It was love at first sight. As you can see he is absolutely adorable, but at six weeks, is too young to leave his mother and siblings. Since the mother cat was adopted from the Cat’s Protection, we have to undergo a home check which is taking place next Monday. It is all a little daunting when undergoing a suitability test, but we passed our RSPCA check with flying colours, so are hoping to do the same with the Cat’s Protection.

I’m happy to say that despite Luika being very noisy at the arrival of Healther, from the Cat’s Protection, we did indeed pass our home check and are collecting little Harry on Friday morning.  Pictures and updates to follow.

Puppy Talk

How time flies! We are experiencing our busiest year yet, the office is buzzing, and our recruitment drive is in full swing. So much so, that I am hoping to announce the newest members of our team in the forth coming weeks.

There is also much excitement as Saturday approaches, since it is the day we collect our new puppy. We have yet to make our choice, but from the beautiful photograph the breeder sent me, you can see how difficult that will be!

It has been thirteen years since we welcomed a puppy into our home, and although memory’s of Zak are still fresh in our mind, we are hoping that he would have approved. There is a crate to order, new toys to be brought and new bedding for his puppy bed.

Melody and Edna (our two cats), are totally oblivious of our impending new family member, but we are hoping that eventually, with a gentle introduction, all will become firm friends.

After much deliberation, we have decided on the name. I had hoped for him to be called Luika, but Doug (my husband), was not keen, so we have settled on the name Lutha. It is a name of peace to which I hope he will aspire and updates will follow throughout the coming weeks.