Did I Say Harry!

The office has been extremely busy since our little kitten arrived, so I have had little time to further add to my blog.  However, we have had some interesting developments!

Harry had been playing with his new toys, when he appeared to have a problem with his back left leg.  As a precaution we took him along to our vets for a quick check up.  It was then that we discovered that he was in fact, a she, so Harry is now Harriet!

She is a little darling and already we cannot imagine life without her.  On first introduction, Luika was terrified and fell over himself trying to make a quick getaway. He could not understand why this little ball of fluff was making such a fuss!  After all, he was only trying to be friendly!  Ed, our other cat, was a little alarmed at our new addition and seemed more than a little annoyed when she discovered that Harri was still there the next day!

All in all, things have settled nicely.  Harriet is now very accepting of Luika and Ed is tolerating her presence.  We certainly have come a long way in two weeks and tomorrow she has her bloods checked and is being microchiped.