Ban Puppy Farms

Puppy farms have long been associated with utter misery. A place where congenital defects are commonplace and thousands of dogs live in the most appalling conditions. 

Bitches are bred every 6 months and kept in conditions that are no more than prisons, where they never see the light of day or feel the touch of a loving hand. They live in extreme conditions, in unbearable heat in the summer and freezing conditions in the winter.

It is impossible to put into words the horror that exists behind these walls. Where dogs are left in their own excrement, alive with fleas, mange and gaping wounds that are left unattended . These poor dogs will readily accept the kick of a boot, since this is commonplace and the majority are too weak from infection to care!

Puppies are torn screaming from their mothers, piled in overcrowded and filthy crates. Their pitiful howls are disregarded by their jailers who are driven by financial reward.

Why is it, that this disgusting and vile trade is allowed to continue. PLEASE take a minute to click on the following link and follow the instructions: and following the instructions.

These dogs do not have a choice, we DO and we CAN help.