Pet Theft

At Nina’s Nannies for Pets, pet and home security is paramount, therefore the increase in pet thefts are extremely worrying!

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just dogs that are at risk of being taken! Horses and cats are also vulnerable and while home thefts are widely reported, dogs are now also being taken from outside shops and even whilst being walked!

There have also been reports of gangs that prowl Britain’s streets, stealing dogs to order.  They are identifying their victims by daubing the letter ‘K’ on driveways. Police report that  so called ‘lookouts’ are leaving the ‘K’ code in crayon or spray paint after finding valuable dogs worth stealing and selling on from unwitting owners’ gardens, so is it vital that dog owners are continually vigilant.

It is not just the owners who are being targeted.  Having worked closely with local animal shelters it seems even they are not immune from the thieves, so what can we do to safe guard our pets!

Here are a few basic tips –

  • Microchip your pet, and keep their details up to date.
  • Keep your garden secure and padlock your gate.  Thieves are less likely to target a secured garden.
  • Keep your pets inside when you are not at home.
  • Supervise your dog even in the garden.
  • Do not exercise your dog in remote locations.
  • Spay and neuter your pet, for they are less likely to stray from home.
  • NEVER leave your dog unattended in a car, or outside of a shop.
  • Be vigilant. Thieves will take every opportunity to snatch dogs that are being exercised off leash.
  • Take a photograph of your pet and make a note of any distinguishing features.  It may be required should they go missing.
  • Keep photographs of yourself with your pet, since it will help to identify you as the owner.
  • Vary the times and route in which walk with your dog.  High value dogs such as gun dogs can be targeted and snatched by criminals!

Are you aware, that a dog collar and tag is a legal requirement in identifying your dog, if she/he goes missing?  Please refrain however, from including your dogs name, since this is an added bonus for anyone wishing to lure your dog away.

Lastly and importantly, please ensure that any company, or persons unknown to you, have been thoroughly vetted before leaving your pets in their care.  Are they registered and if so, with whom!  Do you carry public liability insurance and can they provide a police background check to verify that their details are correct.

If the worst does happen and you believe that your dog has been stolen, report it to the police and insist that it is recorded as stolen and not lost. There is no central database for lost or stolen pets, so report them to as many agencies as possible and alert your local dog warden.

Social networking sites can prove invaluable in reunited pets with their owners, so use them.  Put up posters and mail shot your neighbourhood and notify, veterinary establishments and local shelters.

Most importantly, keep your pets safe.

Interactive toys

At Nina’s Nannies for Pets we are always on the look out for interactive toys to recommend to our clients.  Like humans, pets need regular interaction and stimulation in order to be happy. They might not get bored in the same way that we can, but without toys or humans to play with, they can soon get grouchy and destructive.

Kong Toys are a must for any healthy and hungry dog, and when it comes to boredom busters, these bad boys are up there with the best of them. We have a large one for our German Shepherd Luika, which he adores when stuffed with his favourite food.  Do remember however, when using treats/food in Kongs, to adjust their diet accordingly, so as not to over feed!

Boredom toys are great for maintaining healthy teeth and gums and will have your dog catching, jumping, and chewing  their little hearts out. Many products from the Kong range also allow you to place treats inside, keeping your eager pet busy for hours until they satisfy their canine cravings.

We are also a huge fan of Nina Ottosson Dog Games.  These toys prove that board  games are not just for people!  The Dog Magic game allows you to keep your dog at their sharpest while they use their sense of smell to track down treats hidden under a choice of hiding places. While the Plastic Training Brick is ideal for helping to develop your dog’s intelligence and reasoning skills, it will also keep them amused for hours on end. You might want to go easy on the treats though or else you might need to up their exercise regime even more.

Both the Kongs and Nina Ottosson Dog Games can be purchased from : They are a great company to deal with and are very reasonably priced.  For this reason we are happy to recommend them to our clients.