Bling Dog, Berry Feast and Die

Whilst families across the country are preparing for the season of goodwill one of christmasdogthe UK's leading pet sitting companies is warning dog owners to be on the lookout for Christmas decorations that could harm their favourite pooches.

When putting up your Christmas decorations this year, spare a thought for our canine friends. They are extremely alluring for dogs, and if swallowed can be lethal. Fairy lights are also very eye catching, and it is important to switch them off before leaving for work and retiring for bed. It is always worth remembering that human chocolate is highly toxic to a dog and can be fatal. Even Christmas plants can be poisonous, especially berries and poinsettias. Veterinary bills can run into hundreds of pounds and treatment out of hours can run into hundreds of pounds.

Nina, who with her husband Doug, won through to the semi final of the Barclays Business Awards, is now almost fully booked for the festive period. The company does have some Christmas availability for its visiting service, but demand for the live sitters has increased to point, that Nina's Nannies for Pets are now booked until February 2008 pending any cancellations.

The business formed after its founders recovered from serious illness, has taken off to such an extent, that Nina and Doug are now looking for live in sitters. For further information contact Nina on 01525 220 732 or visit

Written by Nina Cole of

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