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The role of CHC

The aim of Canine Health Concern is primarily to empower people to enable them to talk and act from a point of knowledge, and therefore be in the right position to do the very best for their dogs, and other animals (including themselves).

Therefore our efforts are made to, in effect, 'spread the word', with the final aim that enough people learn the truth and gain a balanced view, which will change the world. We have already seen some significant changes since the start of CHC in 1994 and have support throughout the world. We continue to have impact and will strive to do so for the better of the animals.

We do not preach and do not advocate that approach – we simply allow others to make their own judgements but from a point of knowledge. We always advocate diagnosis from a suitable vet and do not see us as any kind of alternative to veterinary practice, but one that helps people work with/alongside the veterinary profession.

We are independent and do not take paid advertising, and therefore do not have the big budgets of industry, pharmaceutical giants or official bodies. In fact we don't have our own advertising budgets at all. We also work on an expense only basis – any monies made are put straight back into furthering the aims.

What we do have is the freedom to speak the truth.

So how can you help?

People need to know that we:

  • are here, that we exist
  • have a membership available to join
  • have a website available to anyone to use, read and gain knowledge from
  • have the 'Shock To The System' book available to buy
  • have our Foundation in Canine Healthcare programme
  • have leaflets available for people to hand out

So please pass on information about CHC or the information that we supply, by word of mouth, by letter, by email, by whatever means that suits your own personality. Who to? Well, we all know that talking to someone who doesn't want to listen is a frustrating and uphill task, so we don't usually bother with that!! But there are people out there who do want to do better for their animals but don't know how, or some that just don't realise that they do until they hear something that makes sense. So you could contact:

  • friends and family – is an easy start
  • other dog lovers you meet in the park – you never know, you may meet other CHC members along the way
  • dog clubs – there are all sorts, training & behaviour, agility, show etc. Real change has always come at grassroots level and there are many people and dogs suffering under 'official' rules within clubs that only need some impetus and dialogue for that change to begin
  • breeders – how many breeders out there don't know of the support and information available. We have members who breed and do a wonderful job educating new puppy owners on how to bring up their dogs to be healthy long-lived adults
  • welfare organisations – a real tough one, but you have to start somewhere, and many smaller independent organisations will be open to look at the facts. Plus the more the larger ones come into contact with knowledgeable dog owners, the sooner they'll realise they will need to look at some of their own practices
  • groomers – again, we have members who are in a great position and pass on information to dog lovers
  • kennels – and yet again a real problem, as many people believe for example, that having vaccinations for dogs being boarded is law. It is not and gradually kennels are accepting opathic nosode treated dogs, without councils closing them down, as so many would be in fear of. Talk to your local kennels!! Educate them!!
  • vets – of course many conventional vets still see us and what we do as contentious and as an opposing organisation. Far from it – and in years to come we believe that moving with the times is the only way that they will survive. Vets truly are in the best position (apart from the owners of course) to really take animal husbandry into the 21st century
  • alternative and complementary healthcare practitioners and practices – who will have open minds and who already take a holistic view
  • pet shops – many of whom will already be going with the changes as more and more people require local supplies of natural foods and products
  • dog papers – Catherine is already a guest columnist for Dog's Today. But putting your say in the letters page of any dog paper can only help 'spread the word'
  • local papers – as with many areas of the canine world, the vast majority of the general public probably don't know we exist, have little awareness of the issues and certainly do not have access to the information and the facts. Raising issues in the letters page can help address this, and why not write to tell them that our Foundation in Canine Healthcare programme will be held in the area?
  • dog wardens – officialdom is always hard to change, but in the dog wardens handbook/manual it states that they should be aware of the full and balanced facts in order to deal with the public. We have already had several wardens on our courses and we are proud that they have taken our information for use in their role in the community. Write to your local dog warden and tell them that we will be holding lectures in their area – we are trying to put together lists of as many areas of the canine world as possible and, for example, have a list of all the councils and contact details for dog wardens. If you need any of these details to help you then just ask
  • dog shows – full of big business propoganda, advertising and sponsorship – but there are also lots of small shows, and at any size show we have found that there are people who are receptive and even quite refreshed to hear or read information that is not selling anything – something that cares about the health of their loved one

This is what we do at CHC, along with seminars, lectures, courses, publishing etc!! And in the process we devote our lives to this. We do not have the resources to do as much as we would like, or is needed. So if you would like to do something to help, in your own way and at your own pace to suit your own life, then do any of the above. Then you will play your part in what so many past and present CHC members have seen with changing the world for the better of the animals.

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