Find The Pug – Online Game


When I was approached by to review one of their pet games, of course, I accepted.  Who can resist online games especially when they are dog-related, to while away a few minutes to break the monotony of the day!

How to Play

So basically, this game is pretty easy to negotiate in that you simply have to find the pug before the timer counts down.  The catch being that it is placed between a sea of other dogs and when the timer runs out the game is quite simply over.

The game features.

  1. You have the option to amend the countdown mode.
  2. Dogs and the Pug can easily be changed.
  3. Each puzzle can auto-generate based on frame, dimension, and the total dogs.
  4. Options include (full screen, mute sound, and an option to exit the game
  5. An option to amend the countdown mode.
  6. You can share your score on various platforms such as Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook.
  7. An option to auto-resize the game.
  8. Includes a mouse and tap controls to negotiate the game.
  9. It runs on all platforms such as a mobile, PC, etc
  10. There is a mobile rotate instruction (Landscape only)
  11. High Definition (1024×768)
  12. You play this game against the clock so only have a limited time to find the Pug.  It sounds easy, but trust me, in a room full of other dog breeds, finding the Pug is not as simple as it sounds!

I found the first level fairly easy, but as the game progresses, the time decreases, which in turn increases the level of difficulty, so you need to keep your eyes peeled and your finger on the button.  Oh, and did I mention that the dogs get smaller while the playing field gets larger!

This game is a lot of fun and the level of challenge certainly keeps you on your toes.  It can be a bit repetitive, but great fun for the younger generation and if you know your Pugs, you will be an expert in no time.



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