Gordon Ramsey, Yawn!

Will someone PLEASE explain why Gordan Ramsey is such an attention seeker. From what I can gather he has written some wonderful vegetarian recipes, and now is he on another self publicising mission turning vegetarians into meat eaters!

Real vegetarians would have been sick eating meat for the first time in years. I am a veggie, I do not promote it, it is MY choice. So WHY are we pilloried for choosing not to eat meat?

I really am extremely angry about this. I do not like him, and I find some of his remarks and actions despicable. Killing and eating their pet pig in front of the children, yet another act to draw attention to himself. I also note another Gordan Ramsey story in the Mail today. Apparently killing a Puffin, ripping out its heart and eating it raw!

Someone give me a gun PLEASE grrrrrrgrrrrrrgrrrrrrgrrrrrr Anyone for Ramsey on toast.

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10 years ago

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