Little Terror

Goodness, I had no idea that it had been so long since my last entry! We are still recruiting for live in pet sitters at the moment, and this is taking up a lot of my time. If any one is interested in this type of work, we still have vacancies in the Hemel Hempstead, Dunstable, Surrey and London areas. If you know of anyone who may have an interest, please visit our become a pet sitter page for further details.

MelodyMelody is turning out to be a cheeky little girl who is into everything. Both have settled extremely well, and have us catering to their every whim! Edna is what I would call a typical little cat and talks for England. It sounds a little alien in tone and Melody gives her the oddest of looks, but it has formed an endearing part of her character.

I am amazed to find how domesticated Melody seems. Each morning she will watch me washing up (no dish washer for us), and seems mesmerised by the water and clonking of dishes. So much so that tries desperately to help by swishing her paw through the water and circling the sink! It is a shame that she is not so interested in the hoovering! She is certainly unafraid of the hoover and seems to relish the opportunity of finding another tag partner!

Last night after three grueling hours in the office she leapt from window sill and started playing chop sticks on the computer keyboard. Needless to say my last few documents were lost, but her cheeky grin was apology enough, but I have made a note to keep her away from our office now at all times!

How anyone could have willingly relinquished their care is a complete enigma.  My suspicion is therefore, that they had no choice and were confiscated by the R.S.P.C.A.  What surprised me though, is how well adjusted they both are.

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