My first wash!

My mum has very kindly allowed me to take over her blog for today’s post.

She keeps saying that I am a big boy now, and I am allowed into the garden by myself, but under supervision.  I am a bit partial to digging, and just love the taste of mum’s roses and flowers!  I also enjoy a quick paddle in the shallow end of the pond, and chasing the frogs is great fun!

Anyway, on Sunday morning, I had my usual constitutional.  There are very few flowers left now, and those in the tubs are being well guarded, so I had to make do with a bit of digging behind the lavender bush (I can’t be seen there).  Now where was I?  Oh yes, I must have disturbed the frog, since it sprang into the air and darted towards the pond, with me in close pursuit.  I honestly cannot remember what happened next only that I was up to my neck in water!!!!

My dad must have heard the commotion, and luckily came running over to my rescue.  I was absolutely soaked and even though I say it myself, a bit whiffy!

Mum came home and decided that I needed a proper bath, so the next thing I know I am being frog marched into what looked like a huge bathroom and lifted into a sink!  I had already received one soaking that day and didn’t count on another, but a lovely lady called Diana from Self Service Dog Wash at Woodside Animal Farm  took over from my mum and it was really quite enjoyable!

I even got a nice treat before leaving, so a quick message for all dogs in the Beds area that are in need of a good wash.  Go and see Diana and if you’re really good, you may even get a treat afterwards.  Now where is that darn frog?

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