Northern Rose Boxer Rescue

At Nina’s Nannies for Pets, we are always keen to highlight animal welfare issues and raise awareness of the wonderful pet rescue centres around the country.

Today I was contacted by Louise Hughes, from the Northern Rose Boxer Rescue , asking if we could donate an unwanted item to sell on their on line auction.

This year alone the centre have taken in over 40 Boxers and Boxer crosses who were coming to the end of

Samson in the pound last year

their 7 day stay in local pounds and due to be euthanised.  Samson (see before picture), was one of these dogs.  Left to die since the cost of nursing him back to health was deemed too expensive!

It cost Northern Rose Boxer Rescue over £1500 to treat Samson and nurse him back to health (see after picture) and all vet fee’s were raised by generous donations and fund raising events from dog lovers nationwide.

All donations will be posted on the forum and the highest bidder will win the  item.  100% of all funds raised by this event will go directly back into the rescue and care of these dogs.

Samson as he is today in his forever home

If you have any unwanted Christmas presents or items that you think may be suitable for auction, PLEASE contact Louise Hughes email THANK YOU.

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