Saving Chloe

As an active member of a pet forum, I was appalled to hear of Chloe’s story.

Chloe is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was rescued by a lovely member of from what looked to be a puppy farm. She was only four days away from having her puppies, when the despicable ‘owner’ decided she wanted to get rid of her. Someone alerted the forum member to Chloe’s plight and money was raised to bring the poor dog  to safety.

She was vastly underweight, extremely matted and extremely  fearful of humans.  The wonderful forum member who so kindly took responsibility for Chloe,  has helped her through her birth and both mother and puppies are doing wonderfully well.

Another pregnant bitch called Bonnie, was in a similar situation – she was also heavily pregnant and  being sold  by the SAME person, however when forum members enquired about Bonnie, they discovered that she had already been sold.  Her whereabouts sadly remain unknown.

The following petition is to protest against the sale of pregnant bitches.  Chloe and her puppies  are now enjoying the comfort of a safe and loving home.  The same cannot be said for Bonnie, who’s whereabouts its unknown.

PLEASE SUPPORT this petition by visiting and please do not  forget to invite your friends and family to join this group.

Thank you.

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