Why microchipping your pet is so important

Tim’s story is a wonderful example of why microchipping your pet is so important.

We stumbled upon Tim, late last year when a client had warned us that she had been feeding a stray cat. She already had three cats of her own and despite her best efforts was unable to integrate the stray, so she asked if we could continue feeding the stray in her absence, which we did without charge.

Tim living rough!

Despite leafleting her area in an attempt to discover Tim’s owners, no one had come forward, so on the first day of our client’s holiday, I decided to take Tim to Barton Lodge Veterinary centre in Hemel Hempstead, in the hope that the stray had been micro chipped and his owners could be traced.

I sat in the waiting room full of trepidation and when Lorna, one of the veterinary nurses returned beaming, I knew that a microchip had been found.

Following a nervous wait the owner had been traced, who was dumbfounded to discover after a three year absence, their beloved cat had been traced and a reunion was planned that evening.

This is when we discovered that the stray was called Tim, who had disappeared from their London address during the winter months.  Despite weeks of searching, they abandoned hope of ever seeing Tim again and during the following year, they moved to Stevenage in Hertfordshire.  So how Tim was discovered in Hemel Hempstead remains a mystery!

Without a microchip, it would have been highly unlikely that he would ever have been reunited with his owners. Many people find stray cats and do not always attempt to find the owner.  Some are taken in by the people who fin them, while others are surrendered to a shelter.  Owners that have their pets microchipped are far more likely to be reunited with their pets should they get lost.

Thankfully Tim enjoyed a happy ending and I was lucky enough to meet his owners, who were absolutely delighted to have him home again.

One last hug before saying goodbye!

If a cat collar is too loose, a cat can get its paw underneath it and a paw caught in a cat collar can easily lead to serious injuries if not released quickly. I have seen cats suffer deep wounds and if not treated quickly can lead to surgery and a long convalescence period. Microchips however, are a permanent way of identifying your pets and they link back to the owner once it has been registered.

It is important however, to ensure that your details are kept up to date.  When Tim’s owners moved from London to Stevenage, they had the foresight to update their address and contact numbers and I am reliably informed that he is back home and ruling the roost once more!

Santa Paws photo competition

We are pleased to announce the launch of our ‘Santa Paws’ photograph competition, in aid of Chiltern Dog Rescue in Tring and Cats Protection in Hemel Hempstead. Both charities are extremely close to our heart, since they are both local and of course one of our own cats was adopted from Cats Protection!
We have been completely overwhelmed by the support we have received, with many local companies making donations for our prizes. The first prize in each section are holidays. For the winner of the dog section we have a self catering cottage, by Lairg, in Sutherland, Scotland which has a log fire, sleeps 4 people and two dogs are welcome. This has been donated by Farrant Frost Ltd.

For the winner of the cat section we have a four day Butlins break for four people, donated by Bourne Leisure, in Hemel Hempstead. The second prizes are a professional photography session, donated by Ian Waldron photography in Edlesborough. Third prizes are a £100.00 hamper donated by Pets at Home in Hemel Hempstead and another £100.00 hamper donated by ourselves Nina’s Nannies for Pets, also based in Hemel Hempstead. Fourth prizes are dinner for two at the Watermill Restaurant in Berkhamsted and The Red Lion in Berkhamsted. Fifth prize is a signed copy of Gino D’Acampo recipe book, and a limited edition, of the Meerkats ‘A Simple Life’by Aleksander Orlov, donated by one of our pet sitters Adrienne Hasler.

In addition to these wonderful prizes, we also have a Thames River trip which includes lunch and has been donated by The Flight Centre in the Marlowes Mall and will be raffled on the day.

Mic Martin from BBC Dog Borstal has kindly given up his time to present the prizes to the winners of the dog section, and Jonathan Vernon Smith from BBC Three Counties radio, is our judge for the cat section.

The competition is being launched in this weeks Herald/Gazette, with two photographs of our dog Luika and Haricat. Both are the Nina’s Nannies for Pets mascots and delight in helping with our fund raising. They are obviously not included in the actual competition itself!

To enter this wonderful competition you should submit a festive photograph of your cat or dog, and the envelope should be marked ‘Santa Paws’ and addressed to The Herald/Gazette Newspaper, 39 Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP1 1LH and please remember to put your dogs name and contact details on the back of your photograph. We also ask that you submit a £5.00 donation with your entry, made payable to either Chiltern Dog Rescue, or Cats Protection.

You should also be available to attend our prize giving, which will take place on Tuesday 21 December outside of The Flight Centre in the Marlowes Mall, in Hemel Hempstead ,at 4.30pm. if you are lucky enough to be chosen as one of our winners. Even if you are not a winner,why not come down to the Mall and meet Mic Martin or Jonathan Vernon-Smith, where we will also be displaying the winning photographs.

It’s Snow Joke!

The past few weeks has seen our pet sitters battle through the most atrocious of weather conditions to arrive at their destinations.  Both on the visiting and live in side. 

Since our visiting pet sitting service, covers Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Bovingdon, Harpendon, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, Tring, St Albans and surrounding areas, traveling proved both laborious and time consuming, however, we are pleased to say that every cat and caged animal in our care was reached, even though some days our pet sitters did not finish until 8 p.m after an early morning start.

I think that the worse case was in Berkhamsted, where we were feeding both cats and chickens.  One of our pet sitters arrived one morning, to find that the electric fence surrounding the hen house was felled with the sheer weight of snow.  Thankfully the chickens were all huddled together inside of their house and safe from any marauding foxes!

It’s testament to the dedication of our pet sitting team, who in some instances parked on the flat and trudged up hills to ensure that all our clients pets were fed and watered.  In another case a sitter dug her way out of a foot of snow in Harpendon to reach her destination! Well done Sue for remembering your shovel!