Puppy Talk

How time flies! We are experiencing our busiest year yet, the office is buzzing, and our recruitment drive is in full swing. So much so, that I am hoping to announce the newest members of our team in the forth coming weeks.

There is also much excitement as Saturday approaches, since it is the day we collect our new puppy. We have yet to make our choice, but from the beautiful photograph the breeder sent me, you can see how difficult that will be!

It has been thirteen years since we welcomed a puppy into our home, and although memory’s of Zak are still fresh in our mind, we are hoping that he would have approved. There is a crate to order, new toys to be brought and new bedding for his puppy bed.

Melody and Edna (our two cats), are totally oblivious of our impending new family member, but we are hoping that eventually, with a gentle introduction, all will become firm friends.

After much deliberation, we have decided on the name. I had hoped for him to be called Luika, but Doug (my husband), was not keen, so we have settled on the name Lutha. It is a name of peace to which I hope he will aspire and updates will follow throughout the coming weeks.

My first wash!

My mum has very kindly allowed me to take over her blog for today’s post.

She keeps saying that I am a big boy now, and I am allowed into the garden by myself, but under supervision.  I am a bit partial to digging, and just love the taste of mum’s roses and flowers!  I also enjoy a quick paddle in the shallow end of the pond, and chasing the frogs is great fun!

Anyway, on Sunday morning, I had my usual constitutional.  There are very few flowers left now, and those in the tubs are being well guarded, so I had to make do with a bit of digging behind the lavender bush (I can’t be seen there).  Now where was I?  Oh yes, I must have disturbed the frog, since it sprang into the air and darted towards the pond, with me in close pursuit.  I honestly cannot remember what happened next only that I was up to my neck in water!!!!

My dad must have heard the commotion, and luckily came running over to my rescue.  I was absolutely soaked and even though I say it myself, a bit whiffy!

Mum came home and decided that I needed a proper bath, so the next thing I know I am being frog marched into what looked like a huge bathroom and lifted into a sink!  I had already received one soaking that day and didn’t count on another, but a lovely lady called Diana from Self Service Dog Wash at Woodside Animal Farm  took over from my mum and it was really quite enjoyable!

I even got a nice treat before leaving, so a quick message for all dogs in the Beds area that are in need of a good wash.  Go and see Diana and if you’re really good, you may even get a treat afterwards.  Now where is that darn frog?