Pets and Friends Review

Pets and Friends

I have been using Pets and Friends (formerly Kennelgate) stores, for the past thirty years, mainly when I lived in Hertfordshire, where they were based at an industrial site on the edge of the town.

The store was quite revolutionary in those days, specialising in supplying food to both commercial users and bulk food to the general public. You went through large double doors into a commercial type of property that stocked everything imaginable for your pampered pooch and small furries.  It was always a treat to amble around the shelves with my German Shepherd Dog, while my husband was busy stocking up on a months’ worth of tripe (yes tripe).  It was the recommended food of choice in those days and our dogs seemed healthy and happy on that diet.

Dog bed

When I was approached by Pets and Friends to review their Project Blu – Goa Eco Dog Bed (mattress) I was keen to oblige, since I love working with brands that offer Eco-friendly goods.

It is made from durable quality recycled polyester fabric, which is packed with recycled polyester fibre for ultimate control. I was sent the medium size for Ellie (50cm x 70cm 10cm) which is a perfect fit. It has no sides, unlike her current bed, but it is definitely preferred and within an hour of its unboxing both Ellie and our three cats were vying to stake their claim.

It has the added benefit of being completely machine washable which is a great bonus if you have dogs/cats that molt.  I would strongly recommend, however, that any dog/cat hair is removed before washing to save flushing out your machine after washing.

Cat litter

We were also sent a packet of WeCat vegetal cat litter, which we have yet to open.  For the purposes of my Instagram account, both Ellie (my Cockapoo) and Georgie (youngest cat), posed by the cat litter, which our followers mistook for dog food!  I must admit it is an easy mistake to make, given the packet’s bright and alluring colouring, although it clearly depicts two cats beneath the logo!

The company advertises the litter as innovative, since it is also made of natural ingredients of plant origin. It also inhibits the formation of bad odours and is easily disposed of in your toilet and urban organic waste.


The company has now relaunched as Pets and Friends after a rebrand and some of their shops offer a grooming salon, self-service dog wash, and a community hub for puppy training and general pet advice.

The company are keen to show their commitment towards the environment by reducing plastics in our oceans and I was delighted to offer this review on behalf of the echo-friendly company.

Your local pet business needs your support!

Please do not turn your back on local trade!

In this tough economical climate Midhurst Pets, along with all other stores, desperately require support from their local community. If you haven’t been to them yet and you live within their area why not pop round and give them a try.

Midhurst  Pets have two deliveries a week and can order almost anything that your pet requires.  If you have a food brand that is difficult to order, why not give them a try.  They will also discuss the frequency of your pet requirements and place an automatic order, sparing you a weekly collection visit.  If you live locally they can deliver it to your door FREE OF CHARGE.

You can even do your pet supplies shopping on line.

Petshop2u, is Midhurst Pets internet shopping site, which you can browse at leisure in the comfort of your home. If you would like to place an order, call Adrian or Melissa and they will offer you a discount code so any delivery charges are omitted. Your goods will be ready and waiting, at the shop for your  collection within days!

So…if you are currently traveling out of town for your pet supplies, give them a try. You wont be disappointed!