Pup Aid

When I received an invite from Marc Abraham to attend Pup Aid this year, I did so without hesitation. Many of our clients have unwittingly purchased dogs/kittens from puppy farms and I welcome any opportunity to raise awareness of these appalling concentration camps.
Being used to early starts, we set off for London at 6.15am, with our car piled high with the equipment,  required to set up our temporary camp on Primrose Hill. London has always filled me with horror, since my last encounter driving around the city . So lost was I, that I ended up with a police escort who had answered my frantic pleas of help. I was much younger then and have long since lost my ability to catch the eye of a passing policeman!   I was therefore reliant on my trusted Sat Nav, who thus far had always helped me to reach my destination.
The next hour was spent making friends and setting up our marquee – not an easy task and I would like to thank the two lovely gentlemen from Primrose Hill Bookshop, without whom our marquee would never have made it out of the bag!
As passionate animal welfare advocates, we are always keen to raise a little money on the day and Pup Aid was no exception. Our wonderful twitter friends had donated all manner of doggie toys, treats, training aids and even a doggie bed, which was carefully positioned in front of our stall to attract public attention. We had hoped to raise at least £100 for the pup aid cause and we were not disappointed. People were extremely generous in their donations and over £130 was raised at the end of the day, so a huge thank you to everyone from Primrose Hill who supported such a good cause.
The event was well attended by the general public and even the VIP’s came out in force. It was lovely to meet some of my twitter friends including the lovely Leean Pindar from http://lovesniffys.com/ and my favourite VIP Peter Egan, whom with his wife Myra, work tirelessly in their support of animal welfare.
The day was a resounding success and I would like to thank Marc Abraham on behalf of animal owners everywhere, for his efforts in bringing the misery of puppy farms to an end.
Marc and everyone from Pup Aid still need your support with their petition to close down these barbaric puppy farms, so PLEASE sign and share http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/49528

Ban Puppy Farms

Puppy farms have long been associated with utter misery. A place where congenital defects are commonplace and thousands of dogs live in the most appalling conditions. 

Bitches are bred every 6 months and kept in conditions that are no more than prisons, where they never see the light of day or feel the touch of a loving hand. They live in extreme conditions, in unbearable heat in the summer and freezing conditions in the winter.

It is impossible to put into words the horror that exists behind these walls. Where dogs are left in their own excrement, alive with fleas, mange and gaping wounds that are left unattended . These poor dogs will readily accept the kick of a boot, since this is commonplace and the majority are too weak from infection to care!

Puppies are torn screaming from their mothers, piled in overcrowded and filthy crates. Their pitiful howls are disregarded by their jailers who are driven by financial reward.

Why is it, that this disgusting and vile trade is allowed to continue. PLEASE take a minute to click on the following link and follow the instructions:

http://www.puppylovecandampaigns.org/whatyoucando.shtml and following the instructions.

These dogs do not have a choice, we DO and we CAN help.