The boy done good!

Luika has been doing extremely well with his dog training, and this morning was no exception.

He runs freely with the bigger boys in class, but now when class begins he is starting to find his manners.

He has one particular friend, whom he constantly seeks out, so it is vital to keep class order that they remain apart.  I am hoping to post some up to date photo’s after next weeks class.

Did I also mention that the Specialist has given Luika’s hips the all clear?  Our appointment was a month ago now, and we were extremely apprehensive, but hugely relieved to when the examination confirmed that it was no more than a slight malformation of his back legs, which should not prove too much of a bother to him.

We have now increased his exercise and upped his socialisation, since this is extremely important for young dogs.

Stay tuned for our next installment.

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