I am now finding twitter a really useful tool for updates and keeping an eye on the outside world.

Pet sitting can be a lonely job, spending the majority of your day behind a desk, taking calls and liaising with your pet sitters.  No matter how many hours in the day, there is always a job that remains half done, or one that is first on the list tomorrow!

As a keen Liverpool Supporter, I have been following Steven Gerrard and LFC on twitter, along with Dogs Trust and various other people.  Why not take a look

Goodness, I have just remembered that it is Luika’s birthday on Sunday.  I cannot believe that he is nearly a year old.  Doesn’t time fly!  Actually, he is due for a bath, but I would hardly call that a birthday treat!  Perhaps a walk along the canal at Tring reservoir may be in order, and for afters, a nice big doggie treat.  What do you think?  All suggestions gratefully received.

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